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Google Jamboardで協働的対話のある小学校国語授業を!〜書写ワークショップを中心に〜

Elementary School Japanese Class with Collaborative Dialogue on Google Jamboard! 〜Focusing on a Workshop of Calligraphy and Copying

Speaker: 駒田 健志 | Takeshi Komada

Date: Sunday, January 29, 19:00

日付: 01月29日19時

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2022 In-Person EVENTS

GEG Nagoya Pub Night! August 2022

8月のイベントのご参加有難う御座います!写真アルバムを見てください!Thank you for joining our August event. Please see the photo album!


All 2021 events were held online as Moonlight Sessions. Stay tuned for special events in 2022 online and (hopefully) in-person!

2019 Events

GEG Nagoya Pub Night - Productivity with Gmail

YouTube Live Online Series - Six-Episode Pilot

Edcamp Nagoya 2019 - Co-Sponsored Event