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Join us for this free, five-session study group via Google Meet led by a team of experienced coaches. All coaches are Google for Education Certified Trainers and/or Google for Education Certified Innovators and all hold GCE Level 1 and Level 2 certifications.

Registration closed June 14, 2020.

This event has concluded. Thank you for participating!

GEG Nagoya, GEG Kyoto, and GEG Osaka City are pleased to announce a joint study group focused on successfully passing the Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam, giving you the skills to apply G Suite for Education to your unit plans, lessons, assessments, communication, and collaboration. Learn more about the training and certifications from the Google for Education Teacher Center.

What happens after I register? We will schedule study group times that answer your questions and provide support to you. You will be contacted with the study group dates and times. (unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate each registrants' best schedule)

Can I participate in the study group if I don't want to take the exam? Absolutely! In fact, we'll give you a certificate of completion for joining all study group sessions. For those who take the exam, Google charges $10 USD. (this is not a fee for coaches - we're free!)

How does a study group work? Participants will be provided with a demo account to practice, with the study group using Google Classroom as a central hub for information and resources. We will meet online using Google Meet. Participants will complete modules and write the exam with their own private Gmail account but a demo account will be provided for those who may need access to some Google apps not present in your private Google account. To write the exam you must have your own private Gmail account.

What happens after I become certified? You will be introduced to a growing group of Google Certified Educators online, who serve as a great learning resource and support as you continue to use G Suite for Education, and a fantastic professional learning network. After you become certified at level 2 you are qualified to apply for Google Certified Innovator certification and Google Certified Education Trainer certification.

What is a Google Certified Educator Study Group?